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Mazaya Program

An expedited fund is given in the event of the client's death, whose salary is credited in the bank. The service usually covers the emergency expenses for the deceased family and goes as follows:

  1. Insurance value: JOD 1,500 for each insured person.
  2. Maximum age limit:
    • Life assured: 65 years old when joining.
    • Maturity age: 70 years old.
  3. Waiting period: 3 months after commencing salary transfer.
  4. Claim payment: Within 48 hours from completing all death-related documents.

Note: subscribing to Mazaya service is optional

How it works

The letter of inheritance from the Shari’a Court received by the bank will be admitted and considered an official death-declaration document of the deceased whose inheritance is to be assessed and processed, and their accounts to be declared. Based on that, the bank proceeds with the necessary procedures to close the deceased’s accounts, make sure their account is eligible to benefit from the Mazaya program, and claim the amount from the insurance company. Therefore, the bank must directly contact the deceased’s family to obtain the needed documents and inform them of the amount payable. The same shall apply when notified of the death through a death certificate, inheritance document, or any official document indicating the case.
This is an optional service provided for the bank’s clients. However, if the client doesn’t wish to activate it, they should sign a proper declaration.