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Chatbot - Labeeb

Chatbot - Labeeb

Labeeb is the first interactive intelligent bot that simulates human-like conversations with our clients through our website and Facebook page. In addition, Labeeb provides 24/7 support in managing and facilitating financial transactions efficiently and securely in English and Arabic.


CAB Pay is a new advanced payment method developed by Cairo Amman Bank which enables card holders to pay by a simple tap on their mobiles, all you need to do is insert your card on your mobile

Online Banking

We are pleased to inform you that a Dual Protection System has been applied to your Online Banking service. The Dual Protection system will generate a random ‘Verification Code’ that will sent to you registered mobile number with Cairo Amman Bank for verification purposes.

Mobile Application

Now, you can manage and monitor your accounts using the CAB’s free Mobile Banking application at any time of the day, easily and within a secure environment 24/7. CAB Mobile Banking is currently available for select smartphones on Google Play and Apple Store.

SMS Banking

These services are the most developed electronic banking services. They were designed to fulfill the aspiration of our customers who now can complete their banking transactions without having to go to CAB’s branches.

eFAWATEERcom Service

Presentation and collection of Electronic Invoices Service through eFAWATEERcom.

e-channels 7

e-Portfolio Service

Developed by the Securities Depository Center to provide the highest level of services to all investors in securities, which enables investors in public shareholding companies to have permanent and continuous access to