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Foreign Exchange

Supply and demand, are the dynamic forces of the currency market. They stem from a multitude of factors, which can be temporary or deep-seated, tangible or psychological.  

Cairo Amman Bank Treasury Department offers its clients the opportunity to trade a vast variety of currency pairs though its unique online FX trading product; CABFX. Through CABFX, CAB Clients are enabled to trade major currencies, as well as crosses just like EUR/GBP and AUD/JPY with very competitive quoting around the clock and whenever international markets are open. In addition, CABFX allows clients to trade Gold and Silver against the US Dollar.

CABFX also caters for margin trading customers allowing them to place as low as 15% of the amount they want to trade and offering them around the clock trading.

While the spot markets usually occupy the limelight in the context of currency developments, the forward (SWAP) markets have an important place of their own.

Forward markets are a function of interest rate differentials between currencies. They are used for covering or hedging, for the financing of positions, for the creation of alternative sources of liquidity or simply for taking a view on FX and interest rate movements. We are equipped to provide our clientele with competitive prices for whatever purposes required.