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Safety Deposit Boxes

CAB offers its customers safety deposit boxes for the safekeeping of valuable items in a secure place in deposit boxes that provide:

  • Highest level of safety and security.
  • Competitive yearly charges
  • Different boxes sizes (small, medium, large, extra large and lockers)
  • Assets placement available on individual basis
Annual rental
for the Safety Deposit Boxes
75 JOD for small size boxes
100 JOD for medium size boxes
150 JOD for large size boxes
200 JOD for extra large size boxes
250 JOD for lockers
Refundable cash warranty for each
Safety Deposit Box
100 JOD for small size boxes
125 JOD for medium size boxes
175 JOD for large size boxes
225 JOD for extra large size boxes
275 JOD for lockers
Branch Phone Number
Wadi Saqra Branch 06/5200656
Qwaismeh 06/5200645
Jordan University 06/5200638
Swafieh Branch 06/5200654
Sweileh Branch 06/5200641
Dahyet Elyasmin 06/5200643
Shmeisani Branch 06/5200664
Rusaifa 05/3903510
Zarqa 05-3533990 / 05-3903512
New Zarqa 05/3903516
Irbid 02/7201410
Al Albeat 02/7201421
Amman Branch 06/5200651
Abdoun Branch 06/5200634
Rabia Branch 06/5200635
Um Uthaina Branch 06/5200671
Khilda Branch 06/5200640
Tabarbour Branch 06/5200632
The Hashemite University Branch 05/3903519
Zara Mall – Signature Branch 06/5200649

For more information, please contact this number: 065007700