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PayPal Service

The leading global payment service and its cooperation with Cairo Amman Bank provide the most innovative financial services, and if you are a customer of the bank, you can benefit from many new products that the PayPal service works with.

Don’t have a PayPal account yet? Create a free PayPal account (Free PayPal set-up/ account creation) via the internet banking page of Cairo Amman Bank, your card information will be linked to your PayPal account, and it will be safely stored on PayPal. The PayPal account opening process is fast, secure, free, and convenient. You can immediately use the account to shop online.

Have you received a payment on your PayPal account and want to transfer it to your bank account? Thanks to the partnership between Cairo Amman Bank and PayPal, you can withdraw from your PayPal account and deposit in your account with Cairo Amman Bank securely and quickly.

for more information about the service, please contact 0096265007700