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Chatbot - Labeeb

Apple Pay

Terms and Conditions for Operating Cairo Amman Bank Cards on Apple Pay

These terms and conditions govern the use of cards issued by Cairo Amman Bank with the Digital Wallet (“Wallet”) enabled on compatible devices of the customer from time to time.

Chatbot - Labeeb

Labeeb is the first interactive intelligent bot that simulates human-like conversations with our clients through our website and Facebook page. In addition, Labeeb provides 24/7 support in managing and facilitating financial transactions efficiently and securely in English and Arabic.


CAB Pay is a new on-the-go solution to enable quick and convenient payment options by only using their smartphones at any local or international POS machine that supports the “Contactless Service”

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Online banking

Banking services through the internet are seen as highly important given the highly safe and efficient use to deliver account statements and other services 

Mobile Application

Our comprehensive app provides convenient and secure access to all your online banking needs via a user-friendly interface 24/7.

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SMS Banking

Keep track of your account via SMS Alerts on transactions done through Digital Channels, including ATM, POS transactions, online banking, and money transfer

eFAWATEERcom Service

Presentation and collection of Electronic Invoices Service through eFAWATEERcom.

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e-Portfolio Service

Developed by the Securities Depository Center to provide the highest level of services to all investors in securities, which enables investors in public shareholding companies to have permanent and continuous access to