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Social Responsibility

Cairo Amman Bank takes pride in adopting an institutional governance system that follows the best global practices and complies with the regulations and local laws issued by the Central Bank of Jordan.

This is where the bank’s essential responsibility towards its community lies. The bank always ensures the separation between the supervisory role of the board of directors and the executive role of the bank management.

Additionally, it prioritizes serving the best interests of the bank’s key stakeholders as the utmost priority. The bank also adheres to the principles of optimal institutional governance, including the commitment to a number of independent members who are part of the board of directors.

This solidifies the role of Cairo Amman Bank in serving the local community through its various activities, events, and services in different fields. The bank is always determined to serve the community, focusing particularly on health and culture.

The bank’s management has set its sights on ensuring that banking services include all segments of society, including people with special needs, a set of services for its customers with visual, hearing, and movement disabilities to enable them to complete their daily banking transactions with ease, security, and privacy. These services provided by the bank include:

  • A large keyboard with Braille technology is available at a group of our ATMs, in order to facilitate the completion of banking transactions for the blind and visually impaired segment of society, which also include cash withdrawal and balance inquiry services.
  • A group of ATMs, branch entrances, and car parking lots for customers with mobility disabilities to facilitate their access to the bank and the use of multiple facilities with ease and independence.
  • Safe deposit boxes that are convenient and suitable to use in terms of their location and accessibility.
  • Withdrawal service for the blind through the automated teller machine via voice. This service has enabled the blind to reply themselves through the control keys that have been assigned special codes to facilitate the process of dealing with the automated teller machine by this segment.

The branches specified for this purpose are as follows:

  • Amman / Shmeisani Branch.
  • Mafraq / Prince Hassan Street Branch (ATM is available for people with special needs).
  • Al-Balqa / King Abdullah Street Branch (ATM is available for people with special needs).
  • Irbid / Al Safariyat Complex Branch (ATM is available for people with special needs).
  • Karak / Al Thanya Branch.
  • Zarqa / Zarqa Mall Branch.
  • Tafila / Tafila Branch.
  • Ma’an / Ma’an Branch.
  • Aqaba / Aqaba Branch.
  • Ajloun / Ajloun Branch.
  • Jerash / Jerash Branch.
  • Madaba / German University Branch.

The bank’s keenness to protect consumers of financial and banking services on the basis of equality between all segments of society without any form of discrimination or derogation from the rights of any of them, and with the aim of deepening financial conclusion in the Kingdom and providing access to all segments of society to financial and banking services, in accordance with the basic principles of protecting the financial consumer and the best international practices, and on the basis of equality with others in managing their financial transactions with complete independence, freedom, and privacy, where the Central Bank issued Consumer Protection Instructions No. 27/3/14966, which is summarized in achieving justice and transparency in dealing with customers with disabilities. The service provider is prohibited from excluding or restricting the access of persons with disabilities to any of the financial and banking services for any reason and under any pretext. On the basis of disability without a legal justification for that, the service provider is also prohibited from abusive and unfair practices with customers with disabilities, and they must be treated with respect, fairness, and an equal basis with other customers without any discrimination, and customers with disabilities are allowed to appoint agents for them to manage their bank accounts upon their wish, while the risks associated with this are clarified.
For more information, please contact the customer service center at 065007700.

Healthcare is one of the fields that Cairo Amman Bank attaches a priority to within its social activities. In addition to the financial support provided by the bank to King Hussein Cancer Center, the bank continued, for the ninth consecutive year, to sponsor the activities of the annual summer camp for children with cancer who receive treatment at King Hussein Cancer Center, which is considered one of the foundation’s most successful programs, forming a part of the comprehensive treatment of sick children.

The bank was also keen to support this camp as a kind of moral encouragement for these children, urging them to participate and enjoy the various activities included in the camp, such as magic game shows, singing performances, face painting, and many other recreational activities.

The bank will continue to support the King Hussein Cancer Foundation under the umbrella of its social responsibility. The bank was the main and only sponsor of the First Specialized Dental Conference in the Ministry of Health, which aimed to provide scientific and moral support to the doctors of the Ministry of Health.

The bank also provided financial support to many activities and associations working in this field, such as the Association of Liver Patients Care and the Jordan Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Cairo Amman Bank continues its efforts during the year in humanitarian work and serving the local community through its support for many charitable societies operating in the Kingdom, which aim to support different segments of the community, spread across the governorates of the Kingdom, with the help of community residents to work together to improve livelihoods and guarantee the rights of all, in a way that contributes to achieving a healthy and integrated life. The bank continued to support the Charity Clothing Bank initiative launched by the Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization in 2013 by setting up boxes to collect clothes donated by its employees and customers in a number of its branches.

The bank also participated in the process of sorting and distributing clothes donated to charitable Jordanian families within the initiative of the Charity Clothing Bank. This initiative, through which Cairo Aman Bank has strengthened its supportive orientations for the local community, aims to provide appropriate clothing for chaste Jordanian families throughout the year.

The bank also continued to support the Pioneers Project, which works with disadvantaged communities in the areas of child development, youth organization, and community support. During the year, the bank provided financial support to a large number of other charities working in less-served areas.

The bank continued to provide support to Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, which aims to educate orphans and provide them with the necessary skills, enabling them to provide a better future for them after graduating from care homes, and helping them become self-reliant.

As members of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the Injaz Foundation, the bank provides its support to the foundation to help achieve its mission of motivating and preparing young people to become active members of their society and contribute to the development of the national economy.

A number of employees of the bank and its subsidiaries also participated in the foundation’s voluntary programs. During the year, the bank contributed to supporting the project of spreading community financial culture led by the Central Bank of Jordan, which aims to spread and deepen the financial culture in the Kingdom through several programs targeting various sectors of society and working to spread awareness on the basic principles and concepts in the financial and banking field since the stages of school and university education to spreading culture and financial awareness in the workplace and society in general.

The bank also contributed to supporting the Martyr Muath Al-Kasasbeh Scholarship Fund, which was launched by the Association of Banks in Jordan in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which aims to provide scholarships in all districts of the Kingdom.

The bank also provides a number of scholarships in Jordanian universities that have been allocated to a number of sectors that the bank deals with, with the employment of beneficiaries of these grants after graduation and completion of employment requirements, as well as annually supporting the University Student Fund at the University of Jordan, in addition to allocating a number of grants annually to the bank’s employee and their children for intermediate university college, and university studies.

The bank provides practical training opportunities for university, college, and school students to complete graduation requirements. During the year, the bank provided financial support to the Jerusalem Students Fund, which was established at the University of Jordan to assist students from Jerusalem in their University studies.

CAB promoted this fund as well within its marketing channels, such as through advertisements in official newspapers and social networks, as a contribution from the bank to the fund’s objectives of overcoming obstacles to the education of the children of Jerusalem and enhancing their steadfastness in their land.

The bank, through its branches in Palestine, completed its sponsorship by implementing programs with Injaz Palestine during the 2015 academic year, by providing a number of its qualified employees to provide specialized training courses, in addition to supervising the program implementation activities in several schools, and the importance of this program comes from the fact that is works to provide an opportunity to learn about the professional environment and the labor market for this young group and by experts specialized in this field, which contributes significantly to preparing this category for practical life, and also contributes to creating a new generation capable of leading the labor market. Cairo Amman Bank provided financial support to the President Mahmoud Abbas Fund to support Palestinian students in Lebanon.

Cairo Amman Bank’s support for culture and art is evident in that it is the only bank that has a gallery in its headquarters building, as it is considered a national and Arab incubator for visual artists and a hub for young talents who race to win the annual prize of the bank, which is has allocated for the most distinguished paintings that express topics related to community culture. In 2015, Cairo Amman Bank Gallery held a number of art exhibitions for elite Jordanian and Arab artists, including the exhibition of Abdel Aziz, who is one of the of founders of the Jordanian visual art movement. An exhibition of 7 Arab female artists was also held to celebrate the achievement of Arab women in visual art and within the gallery’s policy to present the art scene in Jordan and the Arab world, where it was preceded by an exhibition of Arab visual artists and young visual artists. In the context of establishing a visual dialogue and providing a visual opportunity for Jordanian artists in an atmosphere of international participation, Cairo Amman Bank Gallery held during the year 2015 under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Wejdan Al Hashemi, the first session of the Cairo Amman Bank Art Symposium with the participation of 20 prominent Arab and foreign visual artists and a group of Jordanian visual artists, under the title of “Contemporary Art from East to West”. The gallery also invited, for the sixth year in a row, Jordanian children to participate in the Cairo Amman Bank Drawing Competition, where this session witnessed wide participation by children from all over the Kingdom from public and private schools. The competition aims to enable children to express themselves towards their surroundings according to their understanding and perception of it. The bank, in its partnership with the Friends of Jordan Festivals Association, continued to provide support and sponsorship for the association’s activities, which included during the year theatrical and musical performances of a number of prestigious international bands. This support comes from the bank’s belief in supporting the cultural movement, as these events provide an opportunity to learn about new cultures in addition to boosting tourism by positioning Jordan as a leading cultural destination for musical and theatrical performances and highlighting archaeological sites in Jordan. During the year, the bank also supported the Jerash Festival, the Royal Society of Fine Arts, and the Human Rights Film Festival, in addition to a number of other cultural events.

Cairo Amman Bank is keen on supporting and adopting the policy of the Central Bank of Jordan in the field of financial inclusion and making financial services available to various segments of society, as this issue has an impact on comprehensive and sustainable growth and consequently financial, social and political stability, economic development as well as the protection of the financial consumer. In addition to the bank’s contribution to supporting the project of spreading community financial culture led by the Central Bank of Jordan, the bank has developed a number of banking services that contribute to achieving the objectives of financial inclusion. The bank went to Jordanian universities by signing cooperation agreements with the University of Jordan, Yarmouk University, and Princess Sumaya University to convert the ID card of students, administrative staff, and university faculty members into a multi-use smart card that students and employees can benefit from as an electronic payment card which its holder can use to pay on all electronic points of sale and via the internet, thus the bank allowed university students to obtain financial payment services through these cards. The bank also continued its cooperation with many international organizations that distribute cash assistance to refugees residing in the Kingdom by providing the possibility to obtain this assistance through debit cards from ATMs or using the eye-scan system, so that beneficiaries can get assistance through the bank branches and ATMs equipped with eye scanners, which improves the level of services and ensures that support reaches those who deserve it. The bank is constantly developing these services in cooperation with international aid providers with the aim of including the largest possible number of beneficiaries and making aid disbursements through the banking system. The bank is benefiting from programs and agreements guaranteeing facilities with a number of agencies in terms of increasing the number and size of guaranteed loans, which leads to the possibility of facilitating customer transactions, especially small and medium-sized companies. A number of programs have taken into account directing lending to the governorates of the Kingdom and supporting the youth, women, and modern projects, in addition to the targeted economic sectors within the medium-term advances program granted by the Central Bank of Jordan for the sectors of industry, energy, tourism, agriculture, and information technology.

During the year, the bank provided its support to a number of sports teams, in addition to supporting the basketball and football teams in a number of schools in Jordan and Palestine. This support is part of the bank’s efforts to build the younger generation and create future leaders. The bank also contributed to the rehabilitation of sports facilities in a village in Palestine.

As for Palestine, in appreciation of the responsibility entrusted to it towards the Palestinian local community, Cairo Amman Bank continued its sponsorship of national events and occasions, as the bank completed its sponsorship by implementing programs with Injaz Palestine during the academic year 2015, by providing a number of its competent employees to carry out specialized training courses, in addition to supervising the implementation activities of the program in a number of schools. The importance of this program comes from the fact that it provides an opportunity to learn about the professional environment and the labor market for this young group by experts specialized in this field, which contributes significantly to preparing this segment for professional life and contributes to creating a new generation capable of leading the labor market in Palestine in the future and advancing it to the highest levels. The bank also sponsored various activities in many fields that serve the educational, health, and sports sectors, in cooperation with various institutions and schools in the West Bank, such as sponsoring the Al-Bireh Youth Foundation football team, donating to the Tubas municipality stadium rehabilitation project, sponsoring a festival held by the Education Directorate in Tulkarm to honor Outstanding students in various school activities, donating $30,000 to support the President Mahmoud Abbas Fund to help Palestinian students in Lebanon, donating to the Dunya Specialized Center for Women’s Oncology for a charity event to support women with breast cancer, providing assistance to the Baseera Forum for Blinds to purchase recording devices for the blind and donate to the SOS Children’s Village.

The bank’s management has set its sights on ensuring that banking services include all segments of society, including people with special needs. Accordingly, the bank has launched a withdrawal service for the blind through an automated teller machine via voice. This service has enabled the blind to rely on themselves through the control keys that have been assigned special codes to facilitate the process of using ATMs by this segment.

As a culmination of its efforts in the fields of creativity and excellence, Cairo Amman Bank was able to obtain the “Seal of Excellence” following its participation for the first time in the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in its seventh session 2012-2013, where the seal was granted to the bank during the celebration that took place under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein. This award is proof of Cairo Amman Bank’s superiority in various banking fields, foremost of which is the foundation for a culture of excellence and creativity, providing banking solutions to customers and contributing to a significant level of social responsibility in the Kingdom.