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Cairo Amman Bank Welcomes Customers to New Abu Nseir Location

November 21, 2023

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank has opened its doors to customers at its new branch in Abu Nseir, which was moved to a strategic and easily accessible location.

Cairo Amman Bank started welcoming its customers at the new branch located in Abu Nseir, Al-Mahaba area, Imad Hamad Al-Nawayseh Street, building number 4.

The new branch provided two ATMs, one of which is for cars, to facilitate banking services quickly and easily and ensure the provision of banking services around the clock without any confusion or congestion. The branch also provided sufficient and secure parking spaces for its customers to complete their banking transactions.

The interior design of the new branch reflects the bank’s corporate identity and the comfort, safety, and flow of work that it provides, saving customers time and effort.