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Cairo Amman Bank Participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Activities

October 27, 2022

Amman – As part of its strategic objectives in supporting the local community and including raising public awareness, Cairo Amman Bank held, on Thursday, breast cancer awareness activities, on the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The several activities included awareness lectures, presentation of success stories, and the establishment of the Good Shop activity, in addition to granting free clinical checkups to those wishing to undergo the examination.

These events are considered a continuation of Cairo Amman Bank’s activities in the fight against cancer, as the bank has been providing – and for years – support for all the activities of King Hussein Cancer Center.

In October of each year, a worldwide campaign is launched to raise awareness of breast cancer, with the aim of encouraging women to undergo the necessary tests to detect the disease, given that the early detection of the disease increases the chances of recovery.