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Cairo Amman Bank Obtains $10 Million Loan to Promote Climate Investments in Jordan

November 6, 2022

Cairo Amman Bank obtained a loan of $10 million with the aim of promoting climate investments in Jordan and providing loans to small and medium-sized companies that invest in technologies that help reduce the impact of climate change and adapt to it.
The loan, totaling $10 million, including $7.5 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and $2.5 million in financing from the Green Climate Fund, is the first financial facility obtained by Cairo Amman Bank within the framework of the regional green economy financing program – the Green Climate Fund in Jordan.
The loan agreement was signed by Jurgen Rigterink, First Vice President of the EBRD and Head of Customer Services Group, and Kamal Al Bakri, CEO of Cairo Amman Bank.
With this, Cairo Amman Bank has started a new era of green climate investments in Jordan in cooperation with the EBRD and the Green Climate Fund. This $10 million financial package under the frame of green economy finance facilities will enable the bank to invest in climate change and green technology.
“This cooperation and appropriate moral and financial support enables the bank to strengthen its partnership with the EBRD to continue and achieve the success stories that have contributed greatly to Jordan’s economic growth in the past few decades.”
During the past years, Cairo Amman Bank intensified its activities and events aimed at spreading the culture of the green environment, as the bank took upon itself the dissemination and promotion of this culture in the community.