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Cairo Amman Bank Conducts Mock Evacuation Trial for Its General Management Buildings

November 14, 2022

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank, in the presence of the respective emergency teams, conducted a mock evacuation trial at the headquarters, Wadi Saqra building, and all general administration buildings.

The first trial, which was conducted on Thursday 27/10/2022, included all employees of the Wadi Saqra and the garages buildings, while the second trial was announced on Thursday 03/11/2022, and included the employees of the 15-storey headquarters at exactly 10:00 AM for all buildings.

The trial aimed to ascertain the extent to which instructions are adhered to during evictions and test the general safety conditions that prevent any consequences from accruing during the trial.

Cairo Amman Bank has been periodically conducting evacuation trials, to train all its employees to follow the instructions carefully when dealing with any incident that may happen in the future, Allah forbid.