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7X7 Youth Visual Artists – New Art Exhibition at Cairo Amman Bank Gallery

February 26, 2023

On Monday, the twenty-seventh of this month, at five o’clock in the evening, an art exhibition of seven young artists (Ahmed Tarami, Lynn Sarayrah, May Kaddoura, Mays Hassouna, Nagham Soueiri, Rania Aqrabawi, Sarah Shehadeh) opens at Cairo Amman Bank Gallery. This exhibition carries the Gallery’s plan to support the Jordanian visual art movement and present generations of young artists every year since the Gallery’s establishment in 2008.
The exhibition includes works of art done by the youth upon graduating from the Faculty of Arts, considered the early masterpieces of their careers, presented by the Gallery to the public in Jordan. As was mentioned in the Gallery’s Word, “Ever since Cairo Amman Bank launched the Gallery project to display artworks and support the Jordanian visual art movement, we had to ensure, and we did, that the youth generation will have the perfect place in our perspective of visual arts, as artistic movements carry different experiences in their structure and establish their scene by paving the path to young artistic experiences which complete their role in return, as young artists are the future of the Jordanian artistic movement, with their visual language gained from new aspects and modern horizons, as their work entails contemporary perspectives across different forms of visual arts, such as drawing, sculpture, graphics, ceramics, and conceptual installations, which began to take its place in art forums and biennales across the Arab and Western worlds.”
In this exhibition, we present seven Jordanian artistic experiences of seven youth artists who confirmed their capabilities through their efforts and devotion to creative work. They are artists who primarily represent the rising generation and its various diversities and perspectives. We hope that by introducing them to this exhibition, “7X7 Youth Visual Artists”, we will give room for new experiences and ensure that Cairo Amman Bank Gallery will continue supporting the Jordanian visual art scene to expand the opportunity for more Jordanian and Arab artists to participate in the future.
The exhibition runs for a month at the Gallery, which displays all year long a mesmerizing art collection of prominent Jordanian, Arab, and international names in the industry. This collection has been forming over the years and ever since the establishment of the Gallery, which annually holds an art forum titled “Cairo Amman Bank International Art Symposium,” in addition to an annual competition for children’s drawings. This year, the Gallery is holding its thirteenth round of children’s drawings from all Jordanian cities, villages, and camps from North to South.