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Cairo Amman Bank Gallery Presents Seven New Artists in “7×7 Experiments” Exhibition

December 5, 2023

Amman – On Monday, the 18th of this month, Cairo Amman Bank Gallery in Wadi Saqra will present seven young artists as part of the “7×7 Experiments” exhibitions.

The participating artists in the exhibition are Jumana Al-Shafie, Joud Zawaydeh, Jawad Saman, Rasha Al-Jafary, Mohammed Sabah, Maha Abu Malish, and Mayar Al-Umleh.

The exhibition is a testament to the gallery’s approach of showcasing creative young experiences and presenting them to the art audience in order to diversify the art scene and introduce generations of young artists, as it has been doing since its establishment in 2008.

The exhibition includes a number of artworks by the participating artists, showcasing their latest completed works. The gallery’s management is keen on discovering innovative artistic experiences, and it consistently seeks to engage with a large number of young artists to present new youth creations each time.

The following is a statement from the gallery about the exhibition, emphasizing the importance and diversity of artistic experiments:

“Since the launch of the Cairo Amman Bank Gallery project, aimed at exhibiting artworks and supporting the Jordanian artistic movement, we have confirmed that the younger generation will have a rightful place in our visual space. Any artistic movement that carries different experiments and establishes its movement by providing room for young artistic experiences will fulfill its role. Young artists are the future of Jordanian art, with their visual language encompassing modern influences and their works reflecting openness to contemporary visual art in various fields of drawing, sculpture, graphics, ceramics, and conceptual composition. They have started to take their place in art forums and biennales on both the Arab and Western levels.

In this exhibition, we present seven Jordanian artistic experiments by seven young artists who have demonstrated their abilities through their efforts and dedication to their artistic work. They represent, to a large extent, the confident new generation with its various orientations and schools. Through their presentation in this exhibition, ‘7×7 Experiments,’ we hope to establish a broader space for new experiments and reaffirm, in the Cairo Amman Bank Gallery, our commitment to the Jordanian visual arts and our determination to expand our participation through Jordanian and Arab artists in the near future.”