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Cairo Amman Bank Conducts Evacuation Mock Drill for General Administration Buildings

December 28, 2023

Cairo Amman Bank conducted an evacuation mock drill in the presence of relevant emergency teams, following the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan to conduct annual evacuation mock drills. The announced evacuation mock drill covered all the buildings of the Cairo Amman Bank headquarters located in Wadi Saqra.

The drill, which took place on Thursday, 21/12/2023, included all employees of the 15-story headquarters building, as well as the employees of the Wadi Saqra and garage buildings.

The purpose of the operation was to ensure compliance with the specific instructions during the evacuation processes and to follow the general safety instructions that prevent any consequences during the drill.

This mock drill aims to train employees on how to deal with the evacuation process in case of incidents (God forbid) and to enhance the efficiency and readiness of the staff. The evacuation process and staff training were conducted according to the established procedures and at the appropriate and scheduled time.

Cairo Amman Bank regularly conducts evacuation mock drills to ensure that all employees adhere to the instructions when dealing with any future incidents (God forbid).