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Jadara University Joins the World of Smart Cards with Cairo Amman Bank

January 28, 2024

Amman – Jadara University has joined the world of smart cards through an agreement signed with Cairo Amman Bank to convert the IDs of students and faculty members to “multi-purpose smart cards”.

Jadara University is the 20th university to benefit from this service, which Cairo Amman Bank excels in the local banking sector.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of Cairo Amman Bank, Mr. Kamal Al-Bakri, and the Chairman of Jadara University’s Board of Directors, Dr. Shukri Al-Marashdah.

Cairo Amman Bank has succeeded in achieving a successful partnership between the economy and higher education sectors, which serves the interests of the country and supports comprehensive development and its institutions.

The holder of the multi-purpose smart university card can use it as an ID card to access various university facilities. In addition, it can be used as a payment card for purchases at all points of sale inside and outside Jordan, online purchases, and cash withdrawals.

Cardholders can also recharge these smart university cards through Cairo Amman Bank branches located throughout the Kingdom and through electronic payment kiosks that will be provided within the university campus in the near future.

This card also offers its holders discounts when used at a vast network of commercial outlets and stores contracted with the bank across the Kingdom.